Our Services

We can provide many services but the following is an outline of the key services we provide here at Cargill Contracting.

Property or Site Works and Utilities

Our skilled and experienced Cargill Contracting team provide all earthworks services for residential, commercial or civil clients. From clearing and levelling house sites, earthworks for lifestyle blocks, through to earthworks for significant subdivisions and civil projects, we have the knowledge, experience and machinery to tackle any job.

This includes demolishing and removing existing houses, building platform preparation, formation of roading, driveways and guttering, provision of drainage, stormwater and water reticulation, building retaining walls, gabion baskets and blade piling, laying cable or fibre and asphalting.

The Cargill Contracting team is trained to provide all traffic management plan requirements.

Farm Developments and Forestry Earthworks

Cargill Contracting have a long history and great track record of providing services to the Farming Community and Forestry Industry.

Our services include earth dam construction, effluent and stock-water ponds, irrigation and drainage systems, road formation, gravelling and grading, flood and erosion protection, water tabling, bulldozing, fence lines and post driving.

Roading Formation and Maintenance

Cargill Contracting have developed a great deal of experience in road and footpath formation and maintenance carrying out work on roads right across the region.

These services cater for both gravel and sealed road and foot path formation and repair. This includes graveling, grading, sweeping, asphalting and chip sealing. We also undertake water tabling, erosion protection and roadside stabilisations, water tabling, drainage and stormwater, trenching and backfilling.

The Cargill Contracting team is trained to provide all traffic management plan requirements.

Domestic Water Supply

We have a domestic water supply tanker which delivers potable water for household purposes anywhere in the Dunedin and East Otago areas.


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